Zimbali Suites

The Zimbali Suites are self catering apartments located next to the Fairmont Zimbali Resort

Types of Zimbali Suites:

  1. Studio
  2. 1 bedroom
  3. 2 bedroom

There are 6 floors and each Suite is slightly different. Each apartment is owned and managed separately so be sure to look at the reviews to find a well managed suite.

Prices also vary depending on:

  1. The Suite and who its owned by. Each owner will have a unique price
  2. The size of the suite and the number of bedrooms
  3. The location including the floor and section of the building. There are suites with a garden, some with a sea view and some dont have either.
  4. The time of year due to the demand and availability. Decembers are very expensive and you may not even be able to get a booking.